Risk Litepaper


Founder: Mike @UltimateWarrior
Founder: Johnny @JohnnyTran
Chief Marketing Officer: Tony @Showtime
Community Manager: Jason @Crash
Mike: Many of you in the Cardano NFT space already know me from the YouTube channel UltimateCNFT. For those who haven't had the pleasure, allow me to introduce myself. My journey into the world of web 3 began as a crypto enthusiast in the spring of 2016. NFTs, the next frontier of blockchain technology, naturally piqued my interest, thanks in part to my lifelong fascination with collectibles, particularly baseball cards. In fact, I owned two sports card and collectibles shops in my local area during the early 2000s – a testament to my entrepreneurial spirit.
I have always been driven to turn my passions into businesses, and now, fast forward to today, I find myself doing the same with NFTs. I've fallen head over heels in love with every aspect of what an NFT represents – from the art and vibrant communities to the underlying blockchain technology and the exhilaration of minting. It's important to recognize that everything we engage in within this digital world carries an element of risk.
My YouTube journey began in 2018, initially focused on crypto education for friends and family. However, with the NFT craze taking hold, my passion for these digital collectibles transformed my channel into something entirely different. My love for NFTs led me to create a business around them, turning my passion into my life's work. For those who watch my YouTube channel, you can see the passion I have not only for Cardano but also for the incredible people who support my efforts in this space. My loyal supporters, followers, and subscribers are the heart of everything I do, and I'm committed to helping grow the NFT space we cherish.
Johnny: I'm Johnny Tran, and I'm bursting with excitement about Risk! With over two decades of financial industry experience under my belt, I've climbed the ranks to reach an executive management position, acquiring invaluable insights and expertise along the way.
But that's not all there is to me. I'm also one of the passionate founders of the Royal Chess Club, which we established just last year 2022. The RCC's mission is to champion strategic thinking, intellectual growth, and community engagement through the timeless game of chess, Play to Earn (P2E) style.
Tony: Hey there, It’s Showtime! If you've been around the Cardano and cNFT space, you might just recognize my name. I've been actively involved in helping various projects and have even played a role in the re-growth of a couple of those community driven ones. But that's not all - you've probably spotted me in numerous Discord channels, tirelessly working to foster growth and unity within the Cardano community. With a history in the cNFT space dating back to its early days, I've had the privilege of making invaluable connections along the way. My professional background with Sports Analysis and Numbers Professional has equipped me with a unique skill set that I now apply as a Cardano Marketer. However, the most important role in my life is being a dedicated Family Man.
Jason: Hey there, Fam! It's Crash, but you can call me Jason. Some of you might recognize me from the recent $BANK card craze. As my profile proudly states, "Stop talkin' about it & BE about it." I owe a big shoutout to the Salty Seagulls Society for giving me the push to start designing, creating graphics, and stepping up my game, which has led me to where I am today!
Beyond the online world, I'm a father and a husband, juggling the responsibilities of a blue-collar working man. I'm just your everyday guy who genuinely wants to see people succeed. Growing up as an only child, board games and video games were my best friends and sources of endless entertainment.
I'm incredibly grateful to be on this adventure with all of you. Let's continue to support each other and make our dreams a reality. Remember, it's not about talking the talk, but walking the walk, and together, we can achieve great things! 🚀💪 #TeamSuccess #CommunityStrong