Risk Litepaper

NFT Collections

NFT collection, comprised of a total of 6,666 unique NFTs. These remarkable NFTs have been meticulously divided into three distinct mints, each contributing its unique flavor to this immersive experience.
1. The Warthogs Brigade (3,333 NFTs): Our first mint, "The Warthogs Brigade," comprises 3,333 NFTs, each a work of art in its own right. These NFTs pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of the warthog, a symbol of unyielding strength and resilience. Each NFT is a visual masterpiece, designed to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.
2. Cavalry (4 Horsemen) (2,222 NFTs): The second mint, "Cavalry (4 Horsemen)," introduces you to a world of myth and valor. With 2,222 NFTs, this mint portrays the grandeur and heroism of four legendary horsemen, ready for the ultimate battle.
3. Tank NFT (1,111 NFTs): In our final mint, "Tank NFT," we bring the future of warfare to the palm of your hand. With 1,111 NFTs, this collection showcases the sheer might of armored tanks.
But there's more to these NFTs than meets the eye! These NFTs are not just collectibles; they hold the key to a thrilling gaming experience. In 2024, we will be releasing the "Ultimate Domination Game," where these NFTs will play a central role. Imagine using your Warthogs, Cavalry, or Tank NFTs as strategic assets in a battle for supremacy, where tactics and cunning will determine the victor.